The whole thing has the look of a catered reception. I mention to the young woman whose job it was to set up the seminar this morning that the lavender gives the room a cheery sort of Easter-party feeling…It surprises me to hear that men and women who spend their days pruning eyelids and vacuuming fat would  require anything in the way of soothing, but even severed heads can be upsetting even to the professionals…Now you see stumps, and the stumps are not covered. They are bloody and rough. I was picturing something sliced, like the edge of a deli ham. I look at the heads, and then I look at the lavender tablecloths. Horrify me, soothe me, horrify me. 

I am currently reading this little treasure by Mary Roach. For anyone looking for something witty, funny and macabre, then definitely take a gander at this book. I started reading this morning and I’m already almost half way done. 

This post is posted on Wednesday 17 August 2011.
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    I need this book in my life (my new friend the funeral director said so.)
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    This is my favorite book! I lost track of how many times I’ve read it. It’s just that good.
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